The Legal Stuff

The “legal stuff” seems to always sound nasty and unforgiving.  But our lawyer (who we never invite to fun parties) insists we include it.  We are very nice people, who endeavor to treat our customers fairly and respectfully at all times.  We bend over backwards to keep them happy.  For the rare times when a customer causes us to incur unreasonable costs, through no fault of our own, we must advise all customers of the following: 

Policies, Terms and Conditions

  • Payment is due at time of service in the form of cash, check or major credit card.  All first-time visits are on a cash-in-advance basis only.
  • You agree that we guarantee only to correct any problems, reported within 24 hours, by returning to the home within two business days to correct the problem.  Furthermore, you waive your right to stop payment on your check or protest a credit card charge unless we fail to make good on this guarantee.
  • There is a $5 fee if you neglect to leave payment and we, at our discretion, complete the cleaning and leave an invoice.
  • There is a $25 fee for any check returned by your bank.  If your bank is in error, they should reimburse you for this expense.
  • There is a 50% (minimum $40) late cancellation/lock-out fee for canceling or rescheduling a visit after 12:00 noon the business day before the visit.  The same fee applies if we are unable to gain access to your home, through no fault of ours.  In case of a dispute, you must provide the confirmation number we provide all customers when they make any changes to their schedule.  
  • If you have been a customer for less than three cleanings, your account is not current, or we strongly suspect you did not expect us to clean that day, we reserve the right to not clean your home and invoice you or charge your credit card for our standard 50% ( $40 minimum) lock-out fee.There is a $75 fee, plus any attorney’s fees, in addition to the balance due, for any account we must refer for collection.
  • You are liable for an employment referral fee of $3,000.00 per person, should you directly employ (either legally or on a cash basis) anyone currently employed by us, or employed by us within the six month period prior to such employment.  You agree to pay this fee whether you notify us of your action or we discover this employment independently at any time after it occurs.  You further agree to reimburse us for any and all collection or legal fees we incur in collecting this fee.