An easy way to get pricing information quickly, during business hours, is to just call us:   

(908) 753-6243

If it is after-hours, you can save some time by filling in this form with all the information we would normally ask you for.  We will work up your price and phone, fax, or e-mail you with the information.  It’s usually best to request that we call you back during our business hours.  Sometimes we need a little clarification and it gives you a chance to ask us any additional questions you may have. 

Here is the On-Line Quotation Form
for Regular (Flat Price) Visits

Please note that your initial cleaning, and only that cleaning, will be charged on an hourly (per maid, per hour) basis.

The first visit usually runs a little bit more.  How much more will depend on the level of “catch-up” work required and any special jobs you may want accomplished on the first visit.  You pay only for time spent inside your home.  After the house has been thoroughly cleaned, we are able to commence regular flat price service.  There is no charge for travel, equipment, or supplies.  If you call us, we can usually approximate the total cost of this visit after discussing your situation.
 All items marked with a * are required fields.  All information is kept strictly confidential.  We never sell, rent, or share any information you provide.  See ourprivacy policy for more details.

  • Please describe the home you want cleaned below. Include ALL areas of the house, not just those you want cleaned. You will be able to specify what areas to omit at the end.