Regulars Only

This page is for our regular customers.

Discounts for current regular customers only

Regular customers are our life blood.  They are the very foundation of our business. Therefore it is only appropriate to have a page, and some special offers, just for them.  To take advantage of these offers you must be a current regular customer we have completed two or more cleanings for, with an active weekly, bi-weekly, or 4-week schedule.  Will-call customers who have had 3 or more cleanings in the last 6 months also qualify.

  • 50% off an interior refrigerator cleaning just for visiting

    • Limit one coupon per regular customer.

    • Just enter your name and e-mail into the form below.

    • We will e-mail back the coupon the same or next day.

    • Please give us at least 48 hours notice of the regular visit you want the refrigerator cleaning added to.

  • 10% Discounts on Gift Certificates

    • Regular customers receive a 10% discount on all pre-paid gift certificates. Maximum discount is $50 for certificates of $500 or more.

    • Non-transferable, you must specify name and house address of the recipient at time of purchase.

    • No limit to the number of discounted certificates you may purchase, provided they are each for a new service address.

    • Good only for home addresses we have never cleaned before.

    • No coupons or other discounts can be combined with the purchase or use of the certificate.

  • Tell-a-Friend Referral Program

    • Use the form below to request a discount coupon for a friend that we have never cleaned before.

    • We will then email you a special coupon, marked as a referral from you.

    • The current offer is “$10 off your first clean -OR- Get your 4th weekly or bi-weekly regular visit at half price”  (For new customers only).

    • You will receive a $10 credit on your account if they redeem the coupon for a one-time visit.

    • Better yet, if they book regular service and redeem it for a half-price fourth cleaning, you will receive an equal credit on your account.

    • There is no limit to the number of referral coupons you can give away.  Just print multiple copies of the coupon we send you.  If they pass their expiration date, just submit another request and we’ll send you a current one.

    • There is no limit to the dollar amount of credits you can receive.

    • Our way of saying thanks for the referral.

  • More customer appreciation programs coming soon


Coupon Request Form

Request Schedule Change

  • In the following message box, please supply all necessary details of the changes you want to make. Skipping or rescheduling a visit, does not change any other dates on your schedule. For example, if you push your bi-weekly visit off for a week, the following regular visit will be one week later. If you are requesting a new bi-weekly schedule, that will push all visits forward one week, be sure to be clear that you want a schedule change, and not a visit change. Do not assume that we have made the requested changes until you receive a confirmation number back from us. Phone us if you don't get a reply by 10:30 the next business morning.

On-Line Quality Card Form